Day Care – 3 days per week – 1 year old baby-Veldhoven

Woonplaats: 5508 VP Veldhoven, Países Baixos

Aantal kinderen: 1

Leeftijd van kinderen: 1 jaar

In verwachting: Nee

Verwachte datum:

Opvanglocatie: Beide locaties mogelijk

Maandag: 08:00 - 15:30
Dinsdag: 08:00 - 15:30
Woensdag: Niet beschikbaar
Donderdag: Niet beschikbaar
Vrijdag: 08:00 - 15:30
Zaterdag: Niet beschikbaar
Zondag: Niet beschikbaar
Gewenste ingangsdatum: november 21, 2022

Referentienummer: 7426


My wife and I recently moved to the Netherlands and have a 1-year-old baby named Peter.
She is starting a part-time job and we are looking for a daycare to look after him.

Peter is already eating and developing really fast. He already walks and does not need any special attention, besides the regular attention a kid of his age demands.

Right now we have my mother helping to look after him, but she will only be able to do so until December when she will get back to Brazil.

We are open to embrace the Dutch culture and the way kids are raised here, since we have plans to settle here for a while, so I guess we won’t have any issues in that matter.

I guess to start that is it.

I will gladly answer any further questions that might come up, as I will want to know more about how the service works, so let’s chat and sort this out.

Kind regards,

Jonathan, Cristiane and Peter de Paula


Woonplaats: 5508 VP Veldhoven, Países Baixos

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